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Explore and discover the activities that can make your gathering an exciting and memorable event. Let the fun and games begin!

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From Hollis Thomas, Indianapolis, IN


Most families have the formal sign in and registration table. But, another fun activity for signing in at the family reunion is to have a family reunion sign in tree. Ask a family member with artistic skills to draw a family tree with many branches and limbs. Write the names and birth places of the elders/ancestors that the reunion is named for.  As each family/individual arrives, have them write their name, city, state, spouse and children's names on this big sprawling tree. It is a good visual reminder of how spread out your family is and perhaps it will spark some ideas about new locations or family member to host the reunion in different cities.

Collecting flags

Our Dotson family reunion is held every two years. We generally move to different states. We ask the mayor or a state representative to provide a letter of welcome or proclamation to proclaim that weekend as the Dotson Family Weekend in Indianapolis, Biloxi, Columbus, etc.

We collect flags of each state the we convene in and hang them by order of reunion site in our hospitality rooms or banquet area. This a powerful visual aid and it encourages pride, research and healthy competition for others to host a reunion in their city or state.

Traveling Trophy

As the Dotson family Griot, I am always seeking ways to esteem, applaud and thank the previous reunion chairs and faithful supporters of the family reunion. Several years ago, I designed a family reunion plaque with 50 small name plates. Each year the name of the reunion chairman and city that hosts the reunion is placed on one of the little plates. We have a passing of the torch from the first reunion chair passes to each person that has chaired a reunion until it gets to the current chair person. They keep the traveling trophy until the next reunion.In addition the previous reunion chair presents the newest reunion chair with an appreciation gift purchased with reunion funds preferably. It is a well deserved thank you gift.

All reunion chairs take a photo together as well. Others that are looking begin to think about serving in that capacity.

From Jeanette King-Harris

It's always nice to have a fashion show, but it's not practical when flying from state to state dragging extra clothing, so one of my family members thought of doing a "family strut" instead, which consists of each family group strutting their stuff on formal night. This way no one has to bring anything extra.

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Kids activities

Children add life to gatherings. A little planning can ensure they'll enjoy the get-together…and when they have fun, adults do too.

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A wonderful post by Landra L. Harris.
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