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organizing & planning

Find other relatives who are interested in planning a reunion and get together to make the basic decisions:

  • When will your reunion be held?
  • Where will it be held?
  • What will be the theme?
  • How will you pay for it?

Picking a Date

Summertime is traditionally the time of the year for family gatherings. The weather is generally good, and children are out of school. But gatherings can be held any time of year.

  • The gathering can celebrate a special day on the calendar for a family member. That might include a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, christening, baptism or retirement.

  • Three-day weekends can be ideal if you expect participants from out of town. Long weekends give attendees time to both travel and enjoy the gathering.

  • It's best to avoid the coldest time of winter and the rainy part of spring. The spirit of togetherness can only do so much to overcome nasty weather.

  • Lodging rates may be lower for out-of-town relatives during the off season.

  • No one has a crystal ball for weather prediction. Contingency plans must be made in case Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.

  • Keep in mind that no date will satisfy everyone.

Picking the ideal site

Location, Location, Location.

Of course, how food will be served also affects the kind of site you select. Do you want a potluck meal, food that you and family members prepare at the site or catered food? If you don't want all the headaches involved in preparing and serving food and the cleanup afterwards, you might also consider a banquet room in a local restaurant.

The main thing is to decide what considerations are of greatest importance to you before committing to a site. 

Creating a Theme

Use a theme in all communications about the reunion. Themes are limited only by your imagination. They can be tied to an event, someone's birthday or graduation, for example, or to the season.

Give your theme visual impact by incorporating it into a logo and creating T-shirts for all who attend.

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African American Family Reunion Planning Guide