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Share your family reunion stories by posting them on the Family Reunion Forum. Here are some inspiring ones to get you started.

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Norris Family Reunion 2008
By Felecia Montgomery

In my mind from this day forward the Norris Family Reunion 2008 will be known as The Great Gathering. It's hard to pick a starting place to begin so I'll just dive in and start with the Thursday night trip to BLACK JACK's PIZZA in Dallas for dinner. The restaurant is family owned. We went as a caravan from the hotel and were met there by other family members. Within a matter of moments we overflowed the restaurant and it was filled entirely by family! We are still tasting those delicious hamburgers and pizza that we gourged ourselves on there. Believe me it's true when they say EVERYTHING in Texas is BIG! One family member who I will NOT out here turned to me and said "my goodness, I don't think I have ever eaten an entire pizza by myself in my life. That was delicious. I left one piece so I can say I didn't eat the whole thing" and we both laughed! Another big hit with the family was Black Jack's homemade famous Carolina Gold Tea. To which I heard over and over "that's the way we like it here in Texas, real sweet, like our Mama's made when we was kids." It was quite a while after dark when we left because everyone was having such a good time seeing family again and catching up.

Friday morning was the Bus Trip to Marshall, the home place of our Texas roots.

We arrived just in time at 7am to see this regal burgandy and silver bus straddling the best part of the hotel parking lot. Many family members had already boarded beginning at 6:30am but there were still several others standing nearby taking last minute photos and grabbing bottles of water before boarding.  Click here to read more about this fabulous reunion.

Daviss Family Reunion 2008 Reflections
by Vicky Daviss-Mitchell

Wow, what can I say! I needed more days to enjoy all the wonderful people I met and the places we had seen. The reunion was spiritual, moving, awesome, exciting, sad, adventurous, emotional, and every other jumbled up feeling I had.

Spiritual because I walked the homestead of my grandparents James Penn and Gertrude Sims Daviss. The old house had burned down and a new one had been erected. As I looked across the land I saw the old pond where my grandmother used to fish,and the remnants of the well for drawing water. The outhouse was still standing ever so gently about 50 yards from the house.

Moving because of the dirt road we traveled to get down in the country on the way to the homestead, church and cemetery. The road twisted and turned, dipped and dived for about twelve miles . Barbed wire fences dotted the landscape and the view looked like the old movies I had seen.

Awesome and exciting when we pulled up to the church for lunch. The children played ball while the older Texas cousins told of their time spent on Sundays long ago.

Sad because someone stole the 100 year old church bell plus the pews that our ancestors made from their own sweat and tears.  Click here to read more about this fabulous reunion.

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